Future of Computer Science

In the last decade field of Computer Science was found to be one of the best fields available for students. Computer Science graduates got good jobs with high pays, in fact Software Engineers were and may be are one of the highest paid people.

As the technology is changing everyday so for those working in this field is necessary to get up to date on the regular basis in order to compete with other people of their field, as there is a big competition factor present in the field of Software development. Besides all of these plus points let’s take a look that in the next decade where we will find the field of Computer Science.

When c++ was made, its difficulty level was kept high, and the reason for this difficulty is told by the designers of c++ which is that they have done this for the job security of Software Engineers. One can easily see that Software Engineers were paid because there were less people like them who can code in that difficult language. But with the passage of time and rapid evolution of programming languages, now there are a bunch of programming languages which are very easy to learn and programming in those languages is not complex. In fact now a day’s programmer has not needed to write long codes, everything is built in, he just has to use ready made stuff. Now a day mount of work in this field is reasonable because Software are in use even in third world countries of world, so there are a large number of software engineers working in the market.

But this work is not going to last for more than a five years, as people are now joining this field rapidly all over the world as it is a good way of earning money, and when in the near future when this much work is not left in this field, then professionals for software maintenance and for specific software application development will be needed. This will eliminate all the other professionals from the field whose work is over. So it can be said that, not necessarily, but there is a possibility of market saturation in the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering in the near future.