Staying Organized When Programming

Someone who walks past a programmer, no matter if they’re working on a program or trying to design a website, will likely see the person simply sitting in their chair and typing away at their keyboard. It looks like it’s one of the easiest jobs in the world because you don’t get to move around very much.

Any programmer worth their salt, however, knows that both programming and designing are some of the most difficult jobs there are, simply because if the smallest little thing isn’t perfect, all that you’ve worked on could be for naught.

One of the biggest tricks that any programmer or designer can learn is how to stay organized and focused. If you stay organized you’re much more likely to keep all of your ducks in a row, so that you don’t experience the need to throw your laptop out the window when you can’t find where your programming has gone wrong. The first thing that any programmer or designer should learn is how to use shortcuts. This is especially true for designers who are using an imaging program like Photoshop. Keyboard shortcuts can make your life much less stressful and can help to speed up the process of designing by a huge percentage, so don’t feel as though you’re cheating if you opt to utilize them.

Another way to stay organized when you’re programming is to work on one thing at a time. Far too often programmers try to multitask and have a number of screens opened at the same time. You’ll even see programmers trying to Facebook while they’re trying to work on a project. This does not bode well for any programmer because it’s too easy to miss something if you’re being distracted by something else. Instead of keeping all of your windows open to do other things while you’re working, make yourself work for an hour straight before indulging for a few minutes on another project or website.
It’s also extremely important that programmers get up and move around during the day. Not only can you risk becoming severely ill, but studies have proven that the more blood flow that goes to the brain, the easier it is to think. Set a timer on your computer to go off every hour or so. Once that timer goes off get up and do some stretches. You may look silly, but you’ll be working more efficiently and will be less likely to make a mistake